Política y Derechos Humanos
Politique et droits de la personne
Politics and Human Rights
Tlahui-Politic No. 2, II/1996 


Mario Rojas Alba

Files in the box of the impunity
Incomplete List of Acts in Violation of Human Rights
Recognized by the CPDHM-Québec, 1988-1992

Quebec Committee for Human Rights in Mexico (QCHRM)

[N]: Name of Journalist. Media and Position. [V]: Code(s) Indicating Types of Violations*

  • [N]: Luis A. Pampillón Ponce. [MP]: Weekly Fondo. Publisher. [MP]: . [V]: 6
  • [N]: Alfredo Córdova Solórzano. [MP]: Newspapers Excélsior, Uno más Uno. Correspondent. [V]: 1,2 (deceased)
  • [N]: Ronay Jiménez Gómez. [MP]: Newspaper El Mundo. Publisher. [V]: 1,2 (deceased)
  • [N]: Mario Centeno Yáñez. [MP]: Newspaper Pregunta. Contributor. [V]: 1,2 (deceased)
  • [N]: José Antonio Godoy Mena. [MP]: Newspaper El Correo de Iguala. Correspondent. [V]: 1,2 (deceased)
  • [N]: José Luis Nava Landa. [MP]: Newspaper Expresión Popular. Owner. [V]: 1,2 (deceased)
  • [N]: Martín Ortíz Moreno. [MP]: Newspapers Ovaciones, Nueva Era. Correspondent. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Rigoberto Coria Ochoa. [MP]: Newspaper El Trópico. Reporter. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Antonio Iván Menéndez Marcín. [MP]: Newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique. Publisher. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Nicolás Lizama Cornelio. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades. Cartoonist. [V]: 2,3,4
  • [N]: Rodolfo Mendoza Morales. [MP]: Newspaper El Heraldo de México. Correspondent. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Ezequiel Huerta Acosta. [MP]: Magazine Avances Políticos. Publisher. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Manuel Rodríguez Rodríguez. [MP]: Newspaper El Nacional. Copy editor. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Moisés Cervantes Rodríguez. [MP]: Newspaper El Nacional. Reporter. [V]: 2
  • [N]: Ismael López Chiñas. [MP]: Weekly Séptimo Día. Reporter. [V]: 2
  • [N]: Leopoldo Navarro Amador. [MP]: Newspaper AM. Reporter. [V]: 2
  • [N]: Federico Velio Ortega. [MP]: Newspaper El Nacional. Reporter. [V]: 2
  • [N]: Manuel Buendía Tellezgirón. [MP]: Newspaper Excélsior. Columnist. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Jaime Huitrón Vega. [MP]: Weekly Tollan. Publisher. [V]: 1,7 (deceased)
  • [N]: Héctor Félix Miranda. [MP]: Weekly Zeta. Columnist and co-publisher. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Manuel Burgueño Orduño. [MP]: Magazine Deslinde. Publisher. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Elvira Marcelo Esquivel. [MP]: Newspaper El Día. Reporter. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Herlinda Bejarano de Gómez. [MP]: Magazine La Nación. Reporter. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Felipe González Hernández. [MP]: Magazine El Debate. Reporter. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Jorge Hernández Garduño. [MP]: Newspapers El Reportero, El Mercurio. Reporter. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Julián Sánchez Beltrán. [MP]: Radio Visión Activa. Administrative assistant. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Manuel Félix Uzueta. [MP]: Newspaper El Diario de Culiacán. Reporter. [V]: 7 (deceased)
  • [N]: María De Jesús Gil de Félix. [MP]: Wife of reporter Manuel Félix Uzeta. [V]: 7 (deceased)
  • [N]: Salvador Cruz Cervantes. [MP]: Newspaper El Mundo de Orizaba. Reporter. [V]: 2 (deceased)
  • [N]: Damián Sergio de Luna . [MP]: Magazine Revelación. Reporter. [V]: 7 (deceased)
  • [N]: Mafalda Clementina Herros Andrade. [MP]: Newspaper La Prensa. Reporter. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Pablo Nájera López. [MP]: Radio Gaceta del Aire. Program director. [V]: 1,3 (deceased)
  • [N]: Fernando de Ita. [MP]: ?. [V]: 4
  • [N]: Roberto Azúa Camacho. [MP]: Newspaper El Nacional. Reporter. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Daniel Crisanto Ramos . [MP]: ?. [V]: 2
  • [N]: Mario Barajas Pérez. [MP]: Newspaper El Sol de Morelia. Editor in chief. [V]: 2
  • [N]: Antonio Díaz Vargas. [MP]: Newspaper El Diario de Matamoros. Columnist. [V]: 1
  • [N]: Enrique García Gutiérrez. [MP]: Newspaper La Jornada. Watchman. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Jesús Samperio Miramontes. [MP]: Newspaper La Jornada. Watchman. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Jorge Brenes Anaya. [MP]: ?. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Ramón Silviano de la Mora . [MP]: Social Communications Department of the UACH (Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas). Journalist. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Flor de María Zapata Ledesma. [MP]: Newspapers in Tapachula. Reporter. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Enrique Larios Heredia. [MP]: Newspaper La Prensa Hoy. Reporter. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Víctor Manuel Oropeza. [MP]: Newspaper El Diario de Juárez. Reporter. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Antonio Tenorio Adame. [MP]: ?. [V]: 2
  • [N]: Carlos Núñez Pérez. [MP]: Magazine Opción. Publisher. [V]: 2,5,6
  • [N]: María Teresa Jardí. [MP]: Journalist for different media. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Nicolás Lezama Cornelio. [MP]: Magazine Homo Sapiens. Publisher and cartoonist. [V]: 2,4
  • [N]: Hermelindo Martínez. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo. Correspondent. [V]: 2
  • [N]: Graciela Machuca. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades. Journalist. [V]: 3
  • [N]: Carlos R. Menéndez Navarrete. [MP]: Newspaper El Diario de Yucatán. Publisher. [V]: 1
  • [N]: Felipe Victoria Zepeda. [MP]: Magazine Quehacer Político. Reporter. [V]: 2,4
  • [N]: Asunción Sánchez. [MP]: Newspaper La Prensa. Photographer. [V]: 2,3
  • [N]: Josefina García, viuda de Muñoz. [MP]: Mother of the publisher of El Diario de Tijuana. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Gabriel Venegas. [MP]: Media? Reporter. [V]: 1,7 (deceased)
  • [N]: Eduardo Monteverde Legarde. [MP]: Newspaper El Financiero. Contributor. [V]: 3
  • [N]: Francisco Ramírez. [MP]: Newspaper El Observador de la Frontera Sur. Publisher. [V]: 3,6
  • [N]: Alfonso Rodríguez Gamboa. [MP]: Newspaper El Orbe de Tapachula. Reporter. [V]: 2
  • [N]: María Luisa Mercado. [MP]: Newspaper El Debate. Reporter. [V]: 3,5,6
  • [N]: Marcelo Arellano. [MP]: Journalist. [V]: 3,6
  • [N]: Eduardo Torres. [MP]: Journalist. [V]: 3,6
  • [N]: Guillermo Tellaeche. [MP]: Journalist. [V]: 3,6
  • [N]: Juan de Dios Monteros. [MP]: Journalist. [V]: 3,6
  • [N]: Luz Aida Salomón. [MP]: Weekly Proceso. Correspondent. [V]: 3,6
  • [N]: Jesús Fuentes Félix. [MP]: President of the Sinaloa Association of Journalists. [V]: 2,3,6V
  • [N]: Sara Lovera. [MP]: Newspaper La Jornada. Correspondent. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Angel Sánchez Martínez. [MP]: Newspapers La Opinión, Excélsior. Correspondent. [V]: 4,3,6
  • [N]: Guillermo Cerda León. [MP]: Newspaper El Universal. Correspondent. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Gerardo Sánchez. [MP]: Weekly Imágen. Reporter. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Raúl Ramos. [MP]: Newspaper El Sol de Morelia. Correspondent. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Teresa Gurza. [MP]: Newspaper La Jornada. Correspondent. [V]: 3
  • [N]: Linda Bejarano. [MP]: Television announcer. [V]: 1 (deceased)
  • [N]: Elvira Marcelo Esquivel. [MP]: Newspaper El Día. Reporter. [V]: 1,4 (deceased)
  • [N]: Eduardo Valencia Barrera. [MP]: Television Channel 11. News reporter. [V]: 4
  • [N]: Sergio Chuc Madera. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo. Administrative Assistant. [V]: 2,4
  • [N]: Lorenzo Pacheco González. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo. Publisher. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Alfonso de la Peña Flores. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo. Manager. [V]: 6
  • [N]: María Eugenia Córdova. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo. Journalist. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Jorge Acevedo. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo. Journalist. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Javier Ugalde. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo. Journalist. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Alberto Pérez Jaimes. [MP]: Newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo. Journalist. [V]: 6
  • [N]: Emilio Carrasco. [MP]: Newspaper El Diario de Quintana Roo. Journalist. [V]: 9
  • [N]: Eugenio Aguilar. [MP]: Newspaper El Diario de Quintana Roo. Journalist. [V]: 9
  • [N]: José Segoviano Martínez. [MP]: Radio Chan Santa Cruz. Director. [V]: 9
  • [N]: Carlos Chable Mendoza. [MP]: Radio Chan Santa Cruz. Reporter. [V]: 9
  • [N]: Raymundo Martínez Gómez. [MP]: Agencia Notimex. Correspondent. [V]: 9
  • [N]: Ovidio López Méndez. [MP]: Morning newspaper Novedades de Quintana Roo. Publisher. [V]: 2,4
  • [N]: Ramiro Can Chi. [MP]: Daily Novedades de Quintana Roo. Reporter. [V]: 2,3
  • [N]: Hugo Zúñiga. [MP]: Daily Novedades de Quintana Roo. Reporter. [V]: 2,4
  • [N]: Alberto Velázquez. [MP]: Magazine Gráfico de Cancún. Publisher. [V]: 1
  • [N]: Herminio Díaz Cortez. [MP]: Radio XEEW. Announcer. [V]: 3
  • [N]: Francisco García Lozano. [MP]: Radio XEEW. Announcer. [V]: 3
  • [N]: Antonio Aviña. [MP]: Daily El Despertar. Publisher. [V]: 3,5,6
  • [N]: Israel Rodríguez Jiménez. [MP]: Newspaper El Nacional. Reporter. [V]: 4
  • [N]: Ignacio Mendoza Castillo. [MP]: Newspaper La Voz del Caribe. Publisher. [V]: 1,2,3,5 (deceased)


    *[V]: Codes Indicating Types of Violations

    1. Attempted murder with a firearm or other means
    2. Physical aggression, assault and battery, torture
    3. Property damage, simulated robbery, and the organization of groundless legal proceedings
    4. Abduction and/or illegal imprisonment
    5. Breaking and entering homes or offices (carried out by the police or unknown individuals)
    6. Threats made in person or by telephone, uncovered criminal plans
    7. Intentionally caused or suspicious "accidents" in relation with journalistic activities
    8. Disappearances
    9. Dismissals and job-related repression resulting from journalistic opinions

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